I’m opening up my schedule to start seeing clients as part of completing my internship with Justisse College and becoming a Holistic Reproductive Health Practitioner!!

Are you curious about fertility awareness?
Maybe you want to know more about using fertility awareness for birth control or optimizing your chances to conceive?
Do you have any questions about your menstrual cycle or menstrual products?
Preparing for pregnancy?
Any other topic you want to talk about?

This 30 minute consultation would be a great fit for you!

We'll be in touch prior to our consult to discuss the different topics you’d like to talk about. This will give us a chance to narrow it down and help me prepare for our session together.

I can’t wait to meet you!


Maybe you know exactly what you want and you’re ready to dive into your menstrual cycle, learn how to identify your fertile days (hint, there are only a handful of those in each cycle) and use this information to successfully avoid pregnancy or optimize your chances to conceive?
Or maybe your cycles are a bit wonky or you have an underlying condition such as PCOS or endometriosis, but you know that Fertility Awareness still works with irregular cycles?
Then the Justisse Method Starter Kit would be a great fit!

What does it it include?

  • Justisse Method Introductory Presentation ~ 90 minutes

  • 4 follow up sessions ~ 60 minutes each

  • Holistic sexual and reproductive health counseling and support

  • Justisse Method user guide

  • 3 paper charts

  • Sheet of stamps

  • Thermometer

  • Unlimited email support for duration of the program

  • 15% off any additional sessions (limit 3 sessions at discounted rate)

    • Down the road you may decide that you want some additional support! For instance if you want to switch from using the Justisse Method for natural birth control to trying to conceive or vice versa. Or you’re postpartum and breastfeeding and your cycles don’t quite make sense like they used to - because your body is going through a whole bunch of hormonal changes! Having gone through pregnancy and breastfeeding myself, I can tell you that your cycles may be wonky for a while. Just to be clear though, this method is just as effective postpartum as it is any other time at avoiding pregnancy!

* Monthly payment plan option: $55/month for 6 months