The Premium Starter Kit

Let's be honest, there are just waaay too many essential oils out there. So how are we supposed to know where to start?? 
Well, Young Living has the solution! At only $165, The Young Living Premium Starter Kit comes with everything you need to get started on your journey to a healthier life! The kit comes with 12 of the most popular essential oils, a few samples of products nobody should ever be without - NingXia Red, a small bottle of Thieves Hand Purifier as well as a bottle of Thieves Spray for on the go. But the best part about it? The Premium Starter Kit comes with your wholesale membership, so you get to enjoy 24% off anything you ever choose to buy in the future! No commitments, no strings attached, that’s just what it comes with!
Oh, and bonus: It comes with a diffuser of YOUR choice! 🙌

So what's in it??

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Everyone's favorite and the Swiss army knife of essential oils; "when in doubt, use lavender".
This scent is a wonderful aid for relaxation, calming, great to apply or diffuse for winding down at bedtime, or even add to a soothing bath. I always add 2 drops of lavender to my daughter’s and our diffuser at night. Sometimes I add Stress Away or cedarwood to our diffuser, really just whatever I feel like. It's also essential in my skin care routine - I add it to both my face "wash" and my DIY moisturizer! Lavender really is a must and usually stays on our essential rewards order every month.


Thieves Vitality
With a powerful mixture of clove, rosemary, eucalyptus, cinnamon, and lemon, Young Living's most popular essential oil blend is a great way to help support overall wellness and a healthy immune system. My favorite way to use Thieves Vitality is to add it to my coffee creamer so it's ready to go in the morning to give my immune system that extra boost! I also diffuse Thieves oil in my home almost daily to help purify and cleanse the air.
Fun Fact: Thieves essential oil blend was inspired by the legend of four 15th-century French thieves who formulated a special aromatic combination composed of clove, rosemary, and other botanicals they used while robbing the dead and dying without being affected themselves by any of the common diseases at that time!

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Peppermint Vitality
This invigorating essential oil is great when added to water (or coffee, again) not only because it tastes incredibly refreshing, but also because it supports a healthy digestion. Another great way to use peppermint is to rub it on topically after a workout for a cooling sensation on overworked muscles. 
One of my favorite uses is to hold my thumb with a drop of peppermint vitality to the roof of my mouth - it’s an instant wake up!!

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Another popular blend, Panaway is not only great after workouts but I also like to apply it with a little bit of coconut oil to my neck and shoulders after a lengthy study session for a soothing experience.
Do you or does anyone in your family work a physically demanding job? They will LOVE a back rub with some coconut oil and a few drops of Panaway!

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Lemon Vitality
To me, this oil is happy in a bottle. It is so refreshing and energizing! I add a drop to my water (just make sure the bottle is glass or stainless steel) and turn it into lemonade - without the sugar! Another great use of lemon essential oil is to remove sticky adhesives. Anyone else struggle to get those labels off jars or bottles? Hot water and soap don't cut it? Lemon to the rescue :) 
Lemon vitality is also very cleansing and can support your body to get rid of the every day pollutants we’re exposed to just by living in the world.

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A blend of Ravintsara, Lemon, Wintergreen, Peppermint, and Eucalyptus Radiata, Raven is perfect to diffuse in colder seasons to freshen up the home. It's also a great blend to make a DIY chest rub! I add a few drops to a small jar or coconut oil, rub on, and breath in!
I’ve also heard people say combining Raven and Stress Away smells like a root beer float… try it yourself and see!

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I couldn't do without Frankincense in my face wash and moisturizer. It promotes healthy looking skin and reduces the appearance of an uneven skin tone and my face loves it. Another popular way to use frankincense is to diffuse it during meditation or prayer to create an atmosphere of relaxation and tranquility. I like the aroma because it’s very grounding to me 🧘🏻‍♀️

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Citrus Fresh Vitality 
This blend combines several citrus oils with a hint of spearmint, which gives it that extra kick in the aroma profile. It is also packed with antioxidants and makes a great addition to your shot of NingXia Red to help boost your immune system! When diffusing Citrus Fresh, it offers an uplifting, refreshing aroma that you can diffuse to transform your home, work, and classroom spaces.

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Di-Gize Vitality is my all things tummy oil! It’s great for supporting a healthy digestive system. Di-Gize is also a great mealtime companion. It has a very herby-spicy scent and flavor, but it’s an oil I cannot do without. I used to take it in a capsule because I couldn’t tolerate the taste but I noticed that whenever I put just one drop (along with one or two drops lemon vitality) in my water, it actually works much better and helped me a lot in my third trimester when I had this really annoying burning sensation in my tummy all the time ;)



Valor is one of my favorite essential oils. It helps to balance our emotions when applied to shoulders and bottom of feet, as well as inhaled directly through our nose. When we have more courage to take on new things, we are better able to release old patterns that are not working for us. This oil helps us to have the courage and self-esteem to overcome those things that are holding us back.

I use valor just before doing any kind of public speaking. Even though I give a lot of presentations between my work as a fertility awareness educator and teaching about essential oils, I still get nervous every time and need a little courage to nudge me along! I carry a valor roll on in my diaper bag so I always have it on the go!

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BONUS - Peace and Calming!

This beautiful oil blend is also one of my favorite essential oils. Peace and Calming helps to promote a good night’s rest and unwind before bed. It is also very balancing to the emotions, and helps release tension and stress, while offering a calming and peaceful atmosphere. You can apply it directly to the body, diffuse it, or simply inhale from the bottle. 

I like to put a drop along with lavender in my daughter’s diffuser and I feel like it really helps her settle into her bed and snuggle up to her teddy and blankie 💕


BONUS - Stress Away!
My absolute favorite oil blend is hands down, stress away. Everyone who breathes needs Stress Away!!

I love diffusing it during the day especially when Emily takes a nap and I also use it as perfume. When I went to Germany last year to see my family I put some stress away on the inside of my shirt (because as often as I fly I still get nervous about it too) and that evening of me arriving in Germany my dad gave me a hug and he goes “you smell nice” … 🤨
After over 24 hours of being awake and uncomfortable on several planes and being exhausted and sweaty, he STILL picked up on the sweet copaiba, vanilla extract, and lavender notes in this incredible blend!

This oil also was a life saver back when Emily and I had some nursing issues. My supply had vanished and I stopped letting down! Emily was only four months old at that time and I really wanted to make it to six months! After I figured out the issue, nursing sessions just became super stressful. Emily was upset because she was sucking and wasn’t getting any milk and I was frantic because I wasn’t letting down and not providing my daughter with the nourishment she needed (which also didn’t help facilitate the letdown reflex). So I opened a bottle of stress away to help calm ME down. But I was so amazed that it actually also calmed my daughter down and encouraged her to keep sucking until I let down and she could have her milk ❤️🤱❤️