Young Living's Seed to Seal Promise

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This is, in my opinion, what sets Young Living apart from any other essential oil company out there. With every bottle of essential oil you buy you can rest assured that the plants were properly cared for, grown without the use of herbicides or pesticides. Each batch of the plant material is only distilled once, giving you a much more potent and powerful essential oil compared to an oil that has been distilled many times. And after extensive in house and third party testing you can open each bottle not having to worry about synthetically derived compounds, added alcohols or undisclosed carrier oils, but simply using it to support your health.

Whenever I go to a grocery or even health food store and look at the essential oil section I see warnings such as "hazardous" or "flammable" on the bottles. This to me is just an indicator that whatever is in that bottle being sold as "100% pure essential oil" is not safe for me to put it on my body or even breathe it in. Do your research before you decide to buy a bottle of essential oil!

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